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Breast Aesthetics (Mammoplasty)

The most frequently asked questions of patients before a breast aesthetics operation are mainly related to how the operation is performed, and what happens especially during the recovery period. You can find in this article the basic information we compiled for the patients who have concerns relating to breast aesthetics operation, and want to have detailed information about the operation process.

What is breast aesthetics operation?

Breast aesthetics operation is a surgical operation for volume change in and reshaping of the breast region in line with the appropriate requests of the patient. The main purpose of the operation is to enable patients to have the breast appearance that she likes and therefore help them to be psychosocially happy and self- confident. A successful breast aesthetics operation aims at understanding the appearance that a patient has in her mind accurately, and performing the operations that will make this appearance possible in the most natural and healthy manner as practicable as possible.

Breast Aesthetics Adana

Breast aesthetic operations are performed for different purposes such as

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast lifting
  • Asymmetric breast correction
  • Reconstruction of congenital or acquired anomalies

There are different methods and implant options for breast aesthetics operations, method and implant is chosen according to the existing anatomy, needs and requests of a patient.

What are procedures applied in the breast augmentation operation?

Mainly women who are not aesthetically comfortable with their small breasts demand breast augmentation operation. In breast augmentation operation, a gel silicone implant located in the breast region to give volume and shape to the breasts. The size and diameter of the implant is determined according to desired breast, as well as different shapes of implant such as drop or round are available.

What techniques are used in the breast augmentation operation?

In breast augmentation operation, silicone implants are placed in the submuscular or subfascial plane depending on the operation technique. The technique to be used varies depending on the body structure of the patient. For instance, the details of the operation is determined after evaluating many parameters such as the volume and shape of the existing breast tissue of the patient, localization of the breast in the breast-wall, width and length of the breast-wall, and existing location of the nipple.

Although the most commonly used incision is located in the inframammary fold. If you have breast ptosis, implant operations must be combined with the breast lifting operations.

How are breast reduction and lifting operations performed?

Breast reduction and lifting operations are other breast aesthetics operations that are as common as the breast augmentation operations. Volumetric changes especially during pregnancy and postnatal breastfeeding are important factors in the formation of the breast deformations. On the other hand, breast ptosis which became evident in the overweight people with large breasts in the course of time is also a common aesthetic problem. During breast reduction operations, excess breast tissue is removed and nipples are re-positioned according to the plan made before the operation. In breast lifting operations, the breast is reshaped while preserving the volume. Also, breast operations offer solutions to innate or acquired deformities.

How is breast aesthetics operation performed?

As with any surgical procedure, first of all, the needs and general health condition of the patient is determined via a medical examination to be performed by a medical doctor. After examination where a general roadmap is defined, what can be done to satisfy the desired change in the breast region is determined in a realistic manner. Patient is prepared by the anesthesia specialists to the operation before the operation which is performed under the general anesthesia.

How is Breast Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Do I feel pain due to breast aesthetics operation?

Since the breast aesthetics operation is performed under the general anesthesia, the patient is in a sleeping state during the operation and does not feel any pain. After operation, pain that may be felt by patients can be prevented using analgesic medications.

How long does recovery take after breast aesthetics operation?

In general approach, 1 overnight of hospitalization after breast aesthetics operation is sufficient. It takes an average of 2 weeks for a patient to return to social life and business life after breast aesthetics operation. ecchymosis and edema will regress within about 2 weeks. It is important that, for 1 month after operation, the patient must protect the breast region against violent impacts and avoid effort- requiring sports.

Does breast aesthetics operation leave any scar?

Breast augmentation operations leave a scar in the form of about 4 cm straight line in the incision region, while breast lifting and reduction operations leave scar in the form of a circle around the nipple, and in the form of an inverted T, L or J shapes in the lower pole of the breast. . Unfortunately, it is not possible to make them completely disappear. As each individual has different wound healing mechanisms, the scar will also vary among individuals.

Does breast aesthetics operation have a health risk?

Most of the aesthetic and plastic surgery operations are performed under general anesthesia. General anesthesia prevents any potential pain to be felt by the patient during any aesthetic operation. During examination, doctors evaluate any condition of the patient that may prevent her from receiving general anesthesia, and if necessary, referred to the relevant specialty doctors. General anesthesia does not pose a great risk for patients with good general health conditions. Aesthetic and plastic surgery operations have a very low level of risk provided that it is applied by a trained team led by an experienced medical doctor in a hospital setting where basic hygiene level is maintained and technical requirements are met. However, you should bear in mind that all surgery operations are exposed to complications.

What is the total price of a breast aesthetics operation?

Total price of the breast aesthetic operations include the elements such as operation price, hospital costs, and number of days of hospitalization depending on the operation. In this website of our clinic, we are only able to provide information about our operations, therefore it is not possible to share information about prices.

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