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The most frequently asked questions of patients before a liposuction operation are mainly related to how the operation is performed, and what happens especially during the recovery period. You can find in this article the basic information we compiled for the patients who have concerns relating to liposuction operation, and want to have detailed information about the operation process.

What is liposuction operation?

Liposuction is a body reshaping technique, commonly known as “fat removal procedure”. In the operation performed by the plastic surgeons, first minimal incisions are opened in the zone that suction will be performed to and then a certain amount of fat is removed via vacuuming. Liposuction method aims at reducing the excess fats collected in certain regions such as abdomen, buttocks, hip, butt, legs and arms, and aesthetically improving the body form.

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Is it possible to lose weight via liposuction operation?

The amount of fat that can be removed from the body via liposuction operation remains rather limited to certain levels. In this respect, overweight patients should not see liposuction operation as a solution for weight loss. For patients suffering from obesity, it would be better to approach bariatric surgery instead of liposuction.

How is liposuction performed?

As with any surgical procedure, first of all, the needs and general health condition of the patient is determined via a medical examination to be performed by a medical doctor. After examination where the general roadmap is defined, how much fat can be removed in which regions is determined in a realistic manner. Patient is prepared by the anesthesia specialists to the operation before the operation which is performed under the general anesthesia. Operation time varies depending on the operation region.

Are there other areas where the liposuction method is used?

Liposuction method can also be included in the tummy tuck operations and breast reduction operations. Again liposuction method can be used in order to remove the excess fats in the neck. Liposuction method can also be used in the gynecomastia operations.

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Do I feel pain due to liposuction operation?

Since the breast aesthetics operation is performed under the general anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. After operation, pain can be prevented using analgesic medications.

How long does recovery take after liposuction operation?

In general approach, 1 overnight of hospitalization after liposuction is sufficient. It takes an average of 1 week for a patient to return to social life and business life after liposuction operation. It is important for obtaining the best desired results that a patient should wear a medical corset for about 1 month after operation. It takes about 6 months for the body to take its desired shape.

Does liposuction operation leave any scar?

Regardless of the operation region, it is necessary to open fine incisions not longer than 10 mm for liposuction operations. However, traces of incisions that are extremely small will fade away in time so that it will become unrecognizable.

Does liposuction operation have a health risk?

Liposuction operations are mostly performed under general anesthesia. During examination, doctors evaluate any condition of the patient that may prevent her from receiving general anesthesia. General anesthesia does not pose a great risk for patients with good general health conditions.

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What is the total price of a liposuction operation?

Total price of the liposuction operations include the elements such as operation price, hospital costs, and number of days of hospitalization depending on the operation. In this website of our clinic, we are only able to provide information about our operations, therefore it is not possible to share information about prices.

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Liposuction is a body shaping technique, commonly known as "fat removal procedure".