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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

The most frequently asked questions of patients before a tummy tuck operation are mainly related to how the operation is performed, and what happens especially during the recovery period. You can find in this article the basic information we compiled for the patients who have concerns relating to tummy tuck operation, and want to have detailed information about the operation process.

What is tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) operation?

Tummy Tuck is a surgical operation performed to remove extra fat and skin from the abdomen to make it firmer and flatter in line with the request of the client. The main purpose of the operation is to make patients have a firmer abdomen appearance and help them to be psychosocially happy and self-confident. A successful tummy tuck operation aims at establishing the proper communication with the patient, and performing the operations that will satisfy the expectations of the patient in the most natural and healthy manner as practicable as possible.

Abdominoplasty in Adana

Tummy tuck operations are performed for different purposes such as

  • To rectify the deformation formed in the abdomen region especially during pregnancy and postnatal period
  • To repair the sagging formed in the abdomen region due to the frequent weight gaining and losing cycle
  • To make aesthetic improvements for the shape of the belly button.
  • To reduce the fatty tissue deposits especially in the abdomen as a result of regional fat deposition, and to rectify the body contour, and to reconstruct the body after bariatric surgery.

What techniques are used in the tummy tuck operation?

Tummy tuck operation uses a surgical method to create the desired firm and healthy appearance in the abdominal region that has been sagged and deformed. Operation is planned so that the suture trace will remain inside the underwear of the patient. The success of the operation can also be increased by applying liposuction to the regions remaining outside the region from where fat will be removed.

How is tummy tuck operation performed?

As with any surgical procedure, first of all, the needs and general health condition of the patient is determined via a medical examination to be performed by a medical doctor. After examination where a general roadmap is defined, what can be done to satisfy the desired change in the abdominal region is determined in a realistic manner. Patient is prepared by the anesthesia specialists to the operation before the operation which is performed under the general anesthesia. Before tummy tuck operation, the surgery plan is prepared by plotting a drawing. Abdominal muscles are made firmer by removing excess fat and subcutaneous fatty tissue from the lower region of the abdomen. Then the belly-button is repositioned in its new place. After fat removal, firming is performed so that muscles will gain their strain, and after removal of the excess skin tissue, the incision is closed up.

Do I feel pain due to tummy tuck operation?

Since the breast aesthetics operation is performed under the general anesthesia, the patient is in a sleeping state during the operation and does not feel any pain. After the operation, pain can be prevented with analgesic medications.

How long does recovery take after tummy tuck operation?

In general approach, 1 overnight of hospitalization after tummy tuck operation is sufficient. It takes an average of 2 weeks for a patient to return to social life and business life after tummy tuck operation. Drains placed in the abdominal region are removed depending on the amount of incoming fluid. Ecchymosis and temporary edema that may form in the operated region after operation will start regressing within two weeks. It is important for patient to avoid effort-requiring movements in the first month after tummy tuck operation.

Does tummy tuck operation leave any scar?

In tummy tuck operations, surgical incision is made in the lower region of the abdomen so that it will remain within the bikini line. Also, incision may be required around the belly- button depending on the operation method. The scar caused by the operation will not fade away completely, however, they are hidden so that they will remain in the bikini region and around the belly button.

Does tummy tuck operation have a health risk?

Tummy tuck operations are performed under general anesthesia. General anesthesia prevents any potential pain during the operation. During examination, doctors evaluate any condition of the patient that may prevent her from receiving general anesthesia. General anesthesia does not pose a great risk for patients with good general health condition.. However, you should bear in mind that all surgery operations are exposed to complications.

What is the total price of a tummy tuck operation?

Total price of the tummy tuck operations include the elements such as operation price, hospital costs, and number of days of hospitalization depending on the operation. In this website of our clinic, we are only able to provide information about our operations, therefore it is not possible to share information about prices.

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