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Filler Treatment

The most frequently asked questions of patients before a filler treatment are mainly related to how it is applied, and what happens especially during recovery period. You can find in this article the basic information we compiled for the patients who have concerns relating to filler treatment, and want to have detailed information about the treatment process.

What is a dermal filler treatment?

A filler treatment is one the most effective medical aesthetic procedures in order to increase the volume in desired areas and to obtain aesthetically more pleasing lines. The aging face loses its firm and voluminous appearance in the youth. Filler treatments make it possible to proportionally reshape the facial area, as well as remove the signs of the aging. Hyaluronic acid used in the filler treatments is a polysaccharide already present in the human body. Disappearance time of the fillers in the body varies depending on the features of the product used. The effects of the filler can be restored through repeated treatments.

Filler treatments can be applied to the

  • Cheeks
  • Cheekbones
  • Periorbital area
  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Temporal region

in order to form volume. In addition, preparations which moisturize and rejuvenate the face are available.

Filler Adana

How is Filler Treatment applied?

As with any surgical procedure, first of all, the needs and general health condition of the patient is determined via a medical examination to be performed by a medical doctor. During the examination held to determine the roadmap, the facial areas which need filler treatment are identified.

Do I feel pain during filler treatment?

 Patients are prevented from feeling pain by applying topical local anesthetic creams before a filler treatment.

How long does recovery take after a filler treatment?

Filler treatments are quite practical medical attention which does not require a recovery period. Patient can go back to his/her social life and business life conveniently right after therapy, however edema can occur for a few days in the treated region.

How long does filler treatment stay effective?

Filler treatment is not a procedure that stays for lifetime because a hyaluronic acid-based agent injected in the body is absorbed by the body in the course of time. The effects of a filler treatment stays 6-12 months depending on the product used.

Does filler treatment leave any scar?

Potential mild lumps and redness seen after filler treatment are all temporary, and will be restored to normal within a few days after session.

Does filler treatment have a health risk?

Filler treatment has a very low level of risk provided that it is applied by an experienced medical doctor in a clinical setting where basic hygiene level is maintained and technical requirements are met. However, as with all medical procedures, there is a potential of complications in filler treatments as well.

What is the total price of a filler treatment?

Total price of a filler treatment session includes not only examination and application fees but also the cost of the filler composition to be used. Only information about the therapies can be provided over the website of our clinic, and it is not possible to share the information about prices.

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